When booking a plumber, don't forget insurance and warranty

Jason Advantage - Monday, April 08, 2013

Imagine designing your ideal bathroom, spending months or even years, saving and planning, choosing the colours and finishes, booking in the contractors, putting up with building work and disruptions, and then finally,sinking into your new bath and enjoying the serenity and beauty of your new haven. Bliss!

Perhaps all is fine for a few weeks or even a month or two, and then disaster strikes. It might be leaking pipes, a flooded bathroom, or worse, sanitation issues. All that hard work and money is ahem ... going down the drain. What else could possibly go wrong?

You've used an unlicensed and uninsured plumber.

When choosing any plumber, it can be tempting to choose a contractor based on price alone. We should all understand by now, however, that often things that seem too good to be true, are.

What difference does a licensed plumbing contractor make?

It makes all the difference. A licensed and insured plumber gives you a safeguard to a job well done, and vital protection in the event of problems after a job is completed. All plumbers are legally required to be licensed.There is no national licensing body, however the following organisations look after plumbing registrations in their respective state or territory. You can contact these directly to check that your prospective plumber is registered,or to look for referrals to licensed plumbers. Always keep a record of your contractor's name and contact details, licence number and expiry date.

  • ACT: ACT Planning and Land Authority
  • NSW: Department of Fair Trading
  • Northern Territory: Department of Lands, Planning and the
  • Environment (Land Services)
  • South Australia: Consumer and Business Services
  • Tasmania: Workplace Standards
  • Victoria: Plumbing Industry Commission
  • Western Australia: Plumbers Licensing Board

And insurance?

Insurance and/or a warranty is of course essential, should shoddy workmanship or materials mean your dream bathroom has turned into a nightmare, your repairs haven't held up, or any other plumbing work has issues. In the event of insurance and a warranty, the costs to repair the problem will fall with the plumber or plumbing business. Use an uninsured plumber, and you risk paying for your job –twice. All the costs to repair the problem areas can fall to you, making your dream bathroom one very expensive retreat.