Need a new gas or electric hot water system but aren’t sure what the difference is between them all? Let us help you decide on the best choice for your needs.

Jason Advantage - Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

If you have natural gas available in your area then a gas storage system is a great choice for you. Gas produces less CO2 than an electric system and usually require a smaller storage tank.

When you choose a system with a high efficiency rating you may pay a little more upfront, but the long term savings make them a much more cost effective solution for you.

The other advantage of gas is that the water is heated twice as fast as an electric system which means that should you run out of hot water, you will have it available again faster.

What if you don’t have natural gas? You can certainly look at using LPG instead, but be aware that this can end up costing you more than a standard connection or an electric system and you will need to keep an eye on your gas tank so you aren’t left short.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

When you purchase an electric hot water system you need to make a decision with your electricity provider about your tariff.

With a continuous or day rate supply your water is heated 24/7 which reduces the chances of you running out of hot water, and should it happen, it will heat another tanks worth in a reasonable time. Apart from this advantage, you also can have a smaller tank if you choose this option as the water will be continuously heated.

Alternatively, you can opt for off peak or night rates which saves you money as the water is being heated at night only which is a cheaper tariff. You will need to ensure that you have a large enough tank to meet your household demands for this system though as the water isn’t being heated continuously.

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Ideal for a wide range of applications from apartments through to large homes, a gas continuous flow hot water system comes in a wide of range sizes to suite almost any home.

These systems heat water instantaneously so you will have hot water 24/7 without it running out and then having to wait for the tank to reheat.

These systems have a high energy rating as they are only heating the water as it is needed rather than keeping it hot in a storage tank.

The downside of a system like this is that unit purchase price is higher than other system types and it requires a power point for ignition, this could add to the install price if you do not have an external power point available.


There is no right or wrong system, just ones that are better suited to your unique needs than others. If you have any questions at all about which one you should choose our team are more than happy to discuss each one with you in more detail.

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