When to Hire a Plumber

Jason Advantage - Thursday, May 08, 2014

It’s never a good time to have plumbing problems, so when they do occur you may be tempted to try and fix the problem yourself. In the long run though, knowing when to hire a plumber can save you money and frustration. You might be able to replace a washer on a tap yourself, but major plumbing or drainage work requires a licence. When the following plumbing issues arise there is a high risk of you doing more damage than good by attempting repairs, so contacting a licensed plumber is the wisest move.

No hot water.

If the hot water tank isn’t leaking, the problem may be difficult to pin down. Common electric water heater problems include faulty heating elements, faulty thermostats or a faulty overload switch. Gas water heater problems can also include faulty burners and igniters.

Low water pressure inside.

This is a common problem that can happen at any time. It can be attributed to a build up of rust or debris partially blocking the water line, poor supply line design, or low water pressure from the city supply. A quality plumber will analyse the problem and determine the cause.

Sewer line blockage.

If your toilet is continually backing up it's likely you have some type of obstruction in the line that runs to the main sewer. Tree roots are often the culprits behind this messy problem. While it’s possible to rent rods designed to push debris in the pipes aside, unless you know exactly what the problem is, they can cause even more damage to the sewer line. A plumber will be able to quickly assess the problem and make the appropriate repairs.

Replacing a hot water heater.

A plumber can source the new heater, bring it to your home, install it correctly and then dispose of the old one. A much easier and safer solution than trying to deal with the process yourself.

Overflowing gutter.

Don’t ignore leaking or overflowing gutters as they can cause the roof to leak if left unchecked. Of course, this problem occurs when the weather is bad, making climbing a ladder dangerous. A plumber has the right safety equipment to check your roof and gutters and fix the problem without risking a fall.

Burst pipes.

A burst pipe definitely qualifies as a plumbing emergency. Turn off the water, and call out a professional.

Blocked storm water drains.

A blocked storm water drain near your home can cause flooding if water backs up in heavy rain.

Our professional licensed team of plumbers can deal with everything from blocked drains and leaking taps and toilets, to burst pipes and problems with your water heater.

We’re ready to respond to all your plumbing requirements, and we offer a same day service for all domestic and commercial emergencies. Our work is also guaranteed for 12 months.